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High quality watch winder and watch tools from germany.

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High Quality watch winder from Kadloo, Elma Motion, MTE or Birkenstock - made in germany

German high quality watch winders ware originally manufactured to wind complex mechanical wrist watches that normally contained around two hundred to one thousand components. These mechanical watches contain a self winding mechanism that automatically winds these watches when they are strapped on the wrist. The mechanism contains tiny weights that move in clockwise and anticlockwise direction due to the user's arm movement and keeps functioning in the same way until the watch is completely wound up. German high quality watch winders produce the same effect of a human arm movement to wind self-winding watches when they are not in use. They are available as single, dual, and multiple capacity winding devices that can wind around 8 to 24 wrist watches at the same time.

These types of winders contain small, noiseless electrical motors for providing angular and circular motion in both clockwise and counterclockwise direction, which is used by the self-winding mechanism to convert kinetic energy into micro electrical energy required to keep the watch running. The circular motion of German precision watch winders also helps in even distribution of lubricating oil present inside self-winding watches. Modern German precision watch winders can be programmed to operate with breaks at appropriate intervals to ensure that the watch is not over wound.

German precision watch winders are available in different shapes and are made form different materials such as wood, metal, and other synthetic material such as plastic and carbon fiber. The interior surface of these winders is covered with a layer of cushioning material to prevent scratches that may occur on the watch due to the circular motion. It also contains a grasping mechanism to firmly secure the watch inside the winding device.

A number of manufacturers from China have copied German watch winding technology to produce inexpensive replicas of German engineered watch winders. However, buyers should be careful while purchasing these devices as quality of components used in some of these may affect the durability of manufactured watchwinders.

Our recommendation: Elma Motion, Kadloo, MTE and Birkenstock / Beco Technic watch winders from germany

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