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High quality watch winder from germany - ELMAMOTION / Elma Motion Corona & Pure series

Elmamotion Elma Motion watch winder watchwinders mover turner Uhrenbeweger Remontoir montres

Watchmakers and watch manufacturers all over the world have used the Elma watch winder for more than 40 years. The Elma Motion series for ambitious lovers and collectors of watches combines professional technology and exclusive manufacturing processes. Only select precious wood and fine root wood inlays of typical character are used. “Elmamotion” meets the highest demands.

The watch winder series Elma Motion Corona is available for two, four or eight watches. The series comprises a number of models in various different wood casings with glass or wood doors. The models 4 and 8 have a separate drawer for storing up to 3 additional watches. Real walnut wood inlays and the exclusive interior design plus the latest technology mark the new series.

The selected woods are sanded by hand at least ten times and are coated with lacquer to receive their elegant shine. The operating elements of the electronic functions are discreetly integrated into the front.

The features

  • Adjustable sleeping phase (10 hours) for the careful treatment of watchworks Adjustable number of revolutions: 650-800-900 per day guarantee optimum winding
  • Adjustable direction of winding: left-hand, right-hand or alternating, prolongs the service life of battery and watchwork
  • Speed winding
  • Energy-saving electronics (battery service life min. 1 year)
  • low-battery indicator, indicator, 3 - 4 days in advance
  • Connection socket for (optional) power unit
  • “Elma – made in Germany” is known all over the world to represent reliability, resourcefulness and quality.


Elma watchwinders Corona Elmamotion watch winders Uhrenbeweger Remontoir pour montres

Elma Motion / ElmaMotion Corona & Pure Uhrenbeweger kauft man bei www.uhrenwerkzeug.de

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